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Umfst Learning Agreement…/ The University of Cyprus (UCY), officially founded in 1989, has the following faculties: Humanities, Pure and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Education, Economics and Management, Humanities, Engineering and newly established Faculty of Medicine. The Faculty of Computer Science, which is part of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, is very active in the fields of information and communication technologies, while it has also been very active in fundraising and has participated in more than 150 projects funded by different european Union executives since Cyprus` accession to the EU. The University of Cyprus participates in the ELSE Erasmus+ project on the Engineering and Internet Technologies (SEIT) Laboratory software, which is an integral part of the IT department. Since then, his research activities have focused on two important areas of information technology, namely software engineering and the internet Technologies.In the ELSE project, which leads UCY Intellectual Output 4, which develops an e-assessment method and a tool inspired by concepts of personalization and contextual awareness to help teachers and students learn. Tuscia University is a medium-sized state university based in Viterbo (IT) with a good ranking of scientific research. He participates in ELSE with the Department of Human Resources and Communication Studies (DISUCOM) as General Coordinator. The teaching practice in this department is characterized by a transversal and humanistic approach and a common theoretical and relational field, relevant for university students of different ages. As a third mission, disucom and its teachers have been involved for years in the training of teachers in the humanities. Specific support for new teaching methods has led to specific support through the introduction of ICT as a means and has made it possible to reach students and motivate them in their learning process.

The implementation of a customised Moodle platform, soon to be extended to the entire university, was a fundamental turning point that enabled massive testing, the creation of digital teaching materials and the introduction of dazzling forms of learning. Entropy Knowledge Network works on management training, organizational development and new technologies applied to learning (Technology Enhanced Learning). Since 2006, Entropy KN has been collaborating with leading public and private organizations that help it develop people-centred educational projects to achieve business growth and well-being. Also through research projects and international partnerships, Entropy KN is implementing new technology-based learning programs. This research work translates into innovative learning methods and solutions (Serious Games, Augmented Reality, Educational Robotics) that contribute to creating value for our customers. Entropy helps companies activate the creative potentials that, in the age of complexity, are essential to personal and organizational effectiveness. Within else, Entropy KN is responsible for self-training and partnership formation in the field of technology learning. Creation of virtual simulation environments (Serious Game Editor) in which the learning of skills at university (IO3) can be developed, including their diffusion and sustainability. . . .

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