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Sydney Airport Lease Agreement

In December 2011, Sydney Airport announced a proposal to divide the airport into two districts based on the Airline Alliance. Integration of international, national and regional services under one roof by 2019. The current National Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 would be used by Qantas, Jetstar and members of the oneworld alliance, while the current International Terminal 1 would be used by Virgin Australia and its international partners. Other international airlines would continue to operate from T1. [28] In 2002, the Commonwealth Government sold Sydney Airport Corporation (SAC) for $5.4 billion to Southern Cross Airports Corporation Holdings Ltd. 83% of sac is owned by MAp Airports International Limited, a subsidiary of the Macquarie Group, Sydney Airport Intervest GmbH owns 12% and Ontario Teachers` Australia Trust 5%. [23] SACL holds a 99-year lease for the airport, which remains Kronland and is considered a leased federal airport. [24] In September 2012, Kerrie Mather, CEO of Sydney Airport and Chief Executive Officer, announced that the airport had abandoned the proposal to create alliance-based terminals in favor of terminals “based on specific airline requirements and (passenger) transfer flows.” She said the plan was to minimize the number of passengers passing between terminals. [29] In June 2013, the airport published a draft 2013 master plan proposing the operation of domestic and international flights from the same terminals equipped with “Swing Gates” and the modernization of Terminal 3 (currently the domestic Qantas terminal) for the Airbus A380. [30] [31] Sydney Airport has road connections in all directions. Southern Cross Drive (M1), a highway, is the fastest way to connect to the city center. The M5 South Western Motorway (including the M5 East Freeway) connects the airport to Sydney`s south-western suburbs.

A ring road goes around the airport, including Airport Drive, Qantas Drive, General Holmes Drive, M5 East Freeway and Marsh Street. General Holmes Drive has a tunnel under the north-south main lane and three lanes of traffic, as well as access to an aircraft vision area. Pier C is used by Virgin Australia and its partners (including Delta) as well as all Star Alliance members. There are also a number of secluded bays that are heavily used at peak times and for parking unused aircraft during the day. . . .

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