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Smart Software Licensing Agreement Pending

“license smart register idtoken force”) Before registering the device, tokens must be generated. The registration key, also known as device identification tokens, is a unique token generated by the Smart Licensing Portal or Cisco Smart Software Manager before a Cisco device is initially registered to the corresponding Smart account. A single token can be used to register multiple Cisco devices, depending on the settings used during creation. This behavior is caused by the licensing hierarchy and occurs when the device is running on an older image using device-specific licensing tags. Older images that require device-specific license tags correspond to generic license tags, because more specific tags are covered by generic licenses in the license hierarchy. It also provides information on license ownership and consumption on a single user interface When migrating a Cisco device to a smart Licensing-enabled software version, the following diagram can be used as a general guide for all three methods (Direct Cloud Access, HTTPS Proxy, and Cisco Smart Software Manager On-prem). %CALL_HOME-3-CALL_HOME_FAILED_TO_ENABLE & #160;: Smart Agent Call-Home for license could not be activated: the command could not activate Smart Call Home due to an existing active user profile. If you are using a user profile other than the “CiscoTAC-1” profile to send data to the Cisco SCH server, please enter “reporting smart-licensing-data” in profile mode to configure this profile for an intelligent license. For more information about SCH, you will find Smart Agent for registration with Cisco Smart Software Manager or satellite failed: communications transport not available.%SMART_LIC-3-COMM_FAILED: Communication error with Cisco Smart Software Manager or satellite: communications transport not available. Generic tags are provided because they are the appropriate authorization tags for the network device….

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