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An Agreement That Permits Repetitive Purchases

3. Occasionally, an item can only be purchased from a supplier that indicates a minimum order price or a minimum quantity that either exceeding the reported quantities or results in an inappropriate price for the required quantity. In these cases, the contract agent should inform the contract agent of any facts regarding the offer or offer and ask him to confirm or modify his application. The file must be documented in support of the latest measures. (b) deliveries are made in places where there is both a geographical separation and the lack of adequate means of communication between the government`s receiving and payment activities, which make timely payment impractical on the basis of evidence of the government`s agreement. Many supplies or services are purchased subject to supplier licensing agreements. They are particularly common in it technology acquisitions, but can be applied to any delivery or service. For example, computer software and services provided over the internet (web services) are often subject to licensing agreements called end-user licensing agreements (END LICENSE Agreements, EULA), terms of use (TOS) or similar instruments or agreements. Many of these agreements contain compensation clauses that are incompatible with federal law and unenforceable, but which could constitute a violation of the anti-deficialized law (31 U.S.C 1341) if the government agrees. The clause in point 52.232-39, the inapplicability of unauthorized obligations, automatically applies to any micro-purchase, including those made with the government purchase card.

This clause prevents such violations of the Anti-Deficie Act (31 U.S.C 1341). (b) the contract agent adds the clause to 52.213-2; Invoices, in orders, that authorize down payments (see 31 U.S.C.3324 (d)) (2)) for subscriptions or other fees for newspapers, magazines, magazines or other publications (i.e. any print, microfilm, photocopy or magnetic or recorded publication for auditory or visual use). (a) Agencies use simplified procurement procedures, where possible for all purchases of supplies or services that do not exceed the simplified acquisition threshold (including purchases made under or below the micro-acquisition threshold). This directive does not apply when an agency is able to meet its requirements- (b) if a clause does not determine otherwise (for example.B. see 22.305 (a), 22,605 (a) (5) or 22.1006), if the requirement contains a dollar threshold, the amount to be compared with this threshold is the amount of an order determined by EPS. (C) The derogation under paragraph (a) (2) (iv) (A) of this section does not apply to multi-contract tenders that provide for exclusive source contracts pursuant to Section 8, point a), of the Small Business Act (15 U.C 637(a). 13.302-1 General. (a) Unless stipulated by the non-price ordering method (see 13.302-2), orders are generally placed on the basis of a fixed price. See 12.207 for the purchase of commercial items. b) Orders must indicate – 1) the volume of deliveries ordered or the volume of services ordered; (2) contain a determinable date over which delivery of supplies or services is required; 3. Provide for the section 46 inspection.

In general, the inspection and reception should be at its destination.

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