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Alabama Employment Separation Agreement

Beckum Law has extensive experience in advising and negotiating termination agreements on behalf of Alabama employees. We offer both contingency (you only pay a percentage of the amount we increase the severance package) and lump sum agreements. If you have any doubts about the fairness of your severance contract or if you have suffered compensatory damages at work, please contact us at (205) 588-0699 for a free consultation to discuss your situation. Contact us to arrange a free consultation. We answer your questions about non-compete and separation agreements and recommend the best way to proceed. At Winston Cooks in Birmingham, we represent workers in dispute with their employer over non-compete clauses and other contractual disputes. We also support the contract negotiation phase by reviewing contracts before they are signed, to prevent employees from entering into agreements that they do not fully understand. If this type of agreement is presented to you, most employers give you some time to check the agreement with a lawyer. If you are over 40, the employer must give you 21 days to check the agreement to release possible rights to age discrimination. It`s important to take the time to read the agreement and consult with a lawyer to make sure you understand each term. This way, you can think about what the employer expects from you in exchange for their payment. There are things to consider: employers have the right to protect their business interests, but this right must be weighed against a worker`s right to future employment.

Dismissal agreements and non-compete agreements address this balance and allow a former employee to work elsewhere in the future. Severance pay agreements and packages are offers that include payments and benefits when employees leave a company. These agreements may include salary maintenance for a period of time, as well as payment of unused sick leave or leave, stock options or other benefits that were not used at the time of departure. In most cases, both parties voluntarily enter into termination agreements, unless a previous written contract is entered into or the severance pay is included in a collective agreement. 2. Have you been fired because of your age, race, religion or gender? If it is a coincidence, the conditions of the severance pay invite you to waive your rights to assert this right. These agreements may exempt an employer from any liability with respect to claims against it or may contain non-compete agreements that are not of interest to you. The terms of a separation agreement can be negotiated. It is important to understand the conditions before approving them. Does your employer have an interest in preventing you from accepting a job with a competitor? If so, this may be reflected in the terms of your severance pay, either by a non-compete agreement or by an advertising ban agreement.

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